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The Most Common Questions Answered

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Are you license and bonded?

Yes! Coped Construction is license and bonded: LIC #1234567

Are you insured?

Yes! We have ample worker's compensation, property damage, and personal liability coverage to cover just about any size of job.

What about permits?

Any permits that are required for your project are handled by us. Additionally, we will also organize any of the inspections that may need to take place. We make sure that we satisfy the law to the better of the requirements and that your project is built up to code.

How are materials for the job handled?

The known and readily available important materials are specified in the agreement. All of these materials are covered, however sometimes inescapable substitutions are required to be made. There are certain materials, colors, and varieties that are either in high demand or are in short supply, which can lead to substitutions being made, only at your consent and endorsement. Any items that are not specified in the initial contract can be budgeted separately and/or left responsible to you.

If I love the work that you've done, what is the best way to support you?

The best way to support us is to tell your friends! We believe that word of mouth is the best avenue to spread the message. We love to establish actual relationships with our clients, and this extends to their friends and family.

Does Coped Construction use sub-contractors? Who will be doing the labor on my project?

We do all of the carpentry work, from framing to finish and trim. We love what we do and take pride in the quality that we provide. However, there may be cases where sub-contractors are used for specific electric, plumbing, or insulation work that needs to be done. All of this is laid out before we start work when we go through the project details with you. We can also provide references for the sub-contractors that we use.

Is it possible to request more work while the project is on-going?

Of course. In this case we would request a written statement authorizing more work to be done. This is known as a 'Change Order'. In the case that a change order is required, it will be important to get this signed, authorized, and in place as soon as possible to prevent any delay in project completion. A change order may also occur if we encounter significant unanticipated damages or problems.

How are payments made?

Payments are determined and scheduled during the contract process. Depending on the varying size of projects, it is not uncommon to have milestones throughout the project where each milestone is paid for, reducing the overall cost of the project into bite-sized chunks rather than one large lump sum. We accept credit or debit cards only. This reduces our risk, and allows us to provide a more affordable pricing structure to all of our clients.

Speak to Sales! 425-359-7356

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