About Us

Quality Service & Quality People

Gavin Fox

Founder - Coped Construction LLC

20+ years experience, Gavin has created some of the finest works in the northwest. Originally from Western Australia, he brings old school craftsmanship and integrates new concepts and standards.


Quality First

From the work, know the workman. Our work and our relationships are both built on absolute commitment to quality first. This is the foundation of our company.


People & Passion

Our passion is turning our client's dreams into reality.  Creating beautiful spaces for people to enjoy for years to come...that is our passion.


Your Dreams, Our Skills

Innovative Concepts, Traditional Techniques.  Our commitment is to legendary craftsmanship and equally legendary customer service.  We carefully select our clients, just as they carefully select us.

A coped joint

A scribed joint (right end of sketch) is derived from an internal mitre cut (left end) by cutting along the inside face of the mitre cut at a right angle to the board, typically with a coping saw. Scribing a pencil line to fit two pieces of wood together.

source: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/Coping_(joinery)